Cosmetics Market Insight in Vietnam E-commerce 2024

Cosmetics Market Insight in Vietnam E-commerce 2024

Cosmetics Market Insight in Vietnam E-commerce 2024

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  • Market OverView
  • Key Player Overviews
  • Target Audience
  • Difference
  • How To Win
  • Business Insight





"Cosmetics Market Insight in Vietnam E-commerce 2024 - How to Win" is a report crafted by Feedforce, a seasoned agency with extensive experience from Japan. Drawing from paid data from various reputable sources, including Supermetrics, Younet Media, Q&Me, and certified reports from Vietnam's Ministry of Industry and Trade.

The trend of online cosmetics shopping in Vietnam is on a steady rise, with projected revenue expected to soar to USD 2.66 billion by 2024, with e-commerce channels accounting for 20.2% of this total. With such substantial growth potential, leveraging accurate insights from this report will be instrumental in helping businesses devise effective marketing and business strategies tailored to capitalize on this burgeoning market.

The report proposes a holistic view of market trends, user behavior, and branding activities undertaken by major players in the industry. From there, specific strategies suitable for SMEs are proposed.

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Market overview

Target Audience

Key Players Overview

  • Sales Situation of the Beauty Industry Market in 2023
  • Market potential of Vietnam's Beauty industry
  • Product segmentation
  • Price segmentation
  • Vietnam Cosmetics Market Trends
  • Top 10 Key Players Overview
  • La Roche Posay's Performance and Activities
  • Anessa's Performance and Activities
  • Cocoon's Performance and Activities
  • Social Media Discussion
  • Factors Affecting Customer Decision
  • Spending by Age
  • Live Streaming Behavior

Difference from Vietnam and Other Countries

  • Average Price range
  • Sales Methods
  • Marketplaces vs own sites
  • Social Commerce
  • Legal Procedures

How To Win

  • Digital Strategy to Win the Market for SMEs in Vietnam 
  • Business Insight


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Have marketing experience at a major local agency/foreign business company. A multi-rounder who specializes in performance marketing and also creates chat scripts.
Previously worked at the real estate agency Savills Vietnam, where I was involved in a wide range of B2B advertising operations, SEO, and SNS operations.
Operation of advertisements to promote client sales and maximize online reservations in B2B, travel, real estate, human resources, cars, golf, fashion e-commerce, etc.
Hai Truong

Marketing team member

Mori Daisuke

CEO - Founder

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Insight - Solutions - How To Win


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